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How can Davis-Standard help converters send more down the line, quicker and with less waste?

Rick Keller: When material costs for our customers are over 90% of the product cost, waste is a prime focus. We use many tools to promote increased productivity and waste elimination. Our latest paper coating lines for liquid packaging regularly achieve 800MPM. We employ unwinds with high-precision splices to reduce tail waste to inches of product. Our stationary knife winders provide a clean-cut with no fold-over - an exemplary roll start, which is needed for the best roll configurations in the world.

Where do you sell and what is your greatest market by size?

Danis Roy: Davis-Standard provides a broad range of products and services to the global converting industry. Utilising production platforms located in North America, Europe and Asia enables us to be in proximity to the market, mature and emerging. Our extensive commercial network covers what we believe are the main areas poised for growth and to support our existing customer base. The same approach is taken with regard to technical support and service. This is critically important to support our installed base of equipment as well as assisting customers requiring support for non-Davis-Standard equipment.

Our product lines within converting systems include blown film, cast film, extrusion coating, liquid coating, pelletising, process controls, winding and unwinding. We are a global leader in all of these areas. Our primary markets include film, extrusion coating and liquid coating for flexible and rigid packaging applications, as well as industrial and construction markets. We also have the advantage of supporting leading brands that are part of the Davis-Standard family. These include Black Clawson Converting Machinery, Egan, ER-WEPA and Gloucester Engineering. This gives our customers a significant advantage in terms of being able to access everything they need under one roof.

As to where the greatest growth is being seen between the extrusion and film parts of the business, this is a difficult question to provide a simple answer to as it is a little like comparing grapes, apples and bananas. That said, packaging continues to be our largest single market, followed closely by construction where window films, fabric buildings and vapor barrier are growing at double digits globally. We have a global and extensive network and have products across multiple industries that all occupy leading positions.

How are you affected by the latest developments in plastic legislation and recycling, and what can you do to address them?

DR: We strive to provide solutions that best meet the needs of the market and align with the objectives set by converters and end users linked with changing trends, and those being driven by consumers and/or legislation. There are many challenges facing the plastics industry with regard to public perception and we will continue to support the industry and contribute all we can to communicate the benefits of plastics and the great contributions it has made and continues to make to our society.

When material costs for our customers are over 90% of the product cost, waste is a prime focus. We use many tools to promote increased productivity and waste elimination.
- Rick Keller

One way we have already been contributing is by building more efficient machinery in terms of reduced power consumption and minimal waste. For example, our unwinds feature high-precision splices to reduce tail waste to inches. We've also developed a system to monitor machine health and activities, directly impacting productivity and waste. We want to be able to predict when a machine condition is deteriorating to anticipate a missed splice or transfer before it occurs. These are just a few examples of how we are working to make our machinery as environmentally friendly as possible.

What are your latest product launches?

DR: Some recent launches include the DSREV rubber extruder Model 2000, a preconfigured machine with feedscrew and head zone direct-injection temperature control units, a compact base, and simplified cooling and wiring systems. Benefits include reduced scrap and faster start-up times. The hydraulic actuation of the flow diverter/ core tube enables quick tooling changes and simplified cleaning. The DSREV has a completely redesigned feed roll system; it gives precise control of a feeding bank of material. It has elimination of chains and clutch and other wear items, and has an overall compact design. This machine will be used for applications such as EPDM seals, hose and medical tubing.

Another new release is an operational TPE tubing line. This high-speed line will feature industrial internet of things or industry 4.0 capability to provide real-time data to help operators and managers optimise their line operation and avoid unplanned downtime.

A further launch is the dsX flex-pack technology for extrusion coating, and new stretch film capabilities. The latest dsX flex-pack model is the 300S, which was a collaboration between Davis-Standard's teams in the US, Germany and China to ensure that pricing, machine footprint, speeds and output, and the ability to make shorter runs would accommodate demands of converters.

Further notable systems include a machine for the production of high-clarity TPU and TPU laminates, and an aseptic packaging line capable of 800 MPM production speeds.

What has been your most successful launch, and what has been your greatest innovation in converting systems?

RK: We've had several successful launches but I think our greatest innovations centre around delivering machines capable of ever-increasing speeds, faster changeovers and minimal product waste. Many converters select low-feature, inexpensive machines thinking they are ahead of the game. Their competitors select innovative, high-speed capable, low-waste machines, which have dramatically lower operating costs in scrap and lost production. Investing in high-performance technology such as ours brings value and cost-competitiveness, which is essential to long-term profitability.

In packaging and medical, what would be your most important message to customers and end users to define Davis-Standard?

DR: We supply tailored solutions with continuous implementation, delivered through a customer-centered experience. We aim to build products and support services through a differentiated customer experience. We want it to feel like white glove service from beginning to end. It's all about maximising customer output and minimising costs. While our competition generally focuses on machine technology, we recognise that is not enough. Customers expect suppliers to assist during every phase of the product life cycle because it is a significant investment every time they purchase specific equipment.

It is also important to follow through on promises and honour commitments. In other words, customers need a partner. This includes a partner in development. Our lab in Fulton, New York, is committed to converting processes.

While our competition generally focuses on machine technology, we recognise that is not enough.
- Danis Roy

We offer R&D capabilities for unwind and winding, extrusion coating, lamination and cast film applications, as well as liquid coating and pelletising. Each lab area is equipped so customers can run product and equipment trials prior to potentially making a large purchase. For example, our winding and unwinding lab enables customers to evaluate different methods of unwinding, rewinding and automatic transfer as well as technology for cost-effective roll changes and dual direction winding. Access to this type of information pre-purchase is instrumental in helping us provide customers with the greatest value for their investment. We've also developed a system to monitor machines, directly impacting productivity and waste. We want to predict when machine condition is deteriorating. These are just a few examples of how we are working to make our machinery environmentally friendly.

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