ICE in sight

6 October 2005

Munich hosts the International Converting Exhibition 2005 on November 22-24

The Elite range of slitter rewinding and die cut units will be featured by BAR Graphic Machinery. The Elite TT280 Table Top range is designed to handle all types of self adhesive label materials and films down to 20 micron, at speeds of up to 180m/min. The Elite TT250D Die Cut Table Top slitters achieve speeds of up to 160m/min. Hall 1, stand 1-V03.

Bobst Group - Flexible Materials will present the latest developments in coating and laminating technology from Rotomec, in vacuum web coating and metallizing from General, and in slitting, rewinding and handling solutions from Atlas and Titan. Hall 1, stand 1-W07.

Bimec will show one of its latest slitter rewinders for films, paper and laminates. The machine, equipped with a shaftless unwind stand, will be displayed with accessories such as differential rewind shafts, computerized control through a touchscreen operator panel, laser core positioning and a pushing system for unloading finished rolls. Hall 1, stand 1-V13.

Brückner Formtec will present its brand new PET cast film technology with electrostatic pinning for film lay-on. Instead of polishing the film between two rollers, this method casts it on a chill roll of up to 2.4m diameter. It is said to make it possible to extrude films up to 2,000mm width in thicknesses from 125-1,000 micron.

Also to be featured for regular calendered PET film lines is a patented thin gauge polishing roller for production of ultra thin, high quality rollstock. This technology compensates the deflection of the chill roll, enabling A-grade polished film production down to 100 micron.

The latest developments for high output CPP lines with widths up to 6m will also be shown. A special feature is the integrated pull roll for more compact design and safer operation.

The company is also to present a paper during the conference, on 'Added Value APET Films'. Hall 3, stand 3-D27.

The new generation NM5 automatic log slitters will be presented by CMC Cevenini. Improvements include a stainless steel drip collection tray fitted to the full width of the machine, and blade shaft and flanges also manufactured from stainless steel for extra strength and corrosion resistance.

To ensure extra operator safety, the blade carriage indexes to a pre-set hold position, and a flip guard automatically closes to shield the blade from the operator when the main guard protection is opened. The lift-up guarding shield has been strengthened with impact resistant polycarbonate for full safety. Guarding around the base of the machine has also been extended.

New brushless technology has been used for blade carriage indexing. This is said to have increased the working speed of the NM5 and reduced the maintenance needed. The blade sharpening unit now offers the possibility to adjust the grinder from both the back and front of the machine. A new swivel arm control panel system is also said to make the machine more user friendly. Hall 3, stand 3-B13.

Double E now distributes Powell unwind stands. The type EP Junior will be demonstrated. Double E's complete line of core chucks, core shafts, low inertia carbon fibre rollers, safety chucks, core cutters, and core restorers will also be on display. Hall 3, stand 3-M17.

Eberle manufactures core cutters and production lines for spirally wound board tubes of all types, and for board profiles (edge protectors) used for palletizing and packing. The company will exhibit its Primevere automatic index core cutter, offering "tight tolerance and clean cutting". The new model Prima is said to show tight tolerance and excellent cutting quality. The Veronique is a versatile plastics and paper core cutter. The Alpha 250 in-line core cutter offers a large diameter range, tight tolerance and excellent cutting quality. Hall 2, stand 2-M19.

Visitors to Enercon's exhibit, will receive a free copy of the company's Surface Treating Process Comparison Handbook, which is printed in six different languages. It describes the benefits of the new Plasma3 atmospheric plasma surface treatment for the most stringent applications. Information is also provided on corona treating and treater roll/electrode configurations. Enercon's PowerFlame surface treaters are said to set new standards for efficiency and repeatability. Hall 3, stand 3-C12D.

Erhardt+Leimer has developed a compensating roller to minimize or eliminate uneven web tension by means of a patented, special gear system. Product quality said to increase remarkably. Hall 2, stand 2-K03.

Galileo will exhibit a new series of roll-to-roll vacuum metallizers for plastics films. Three types are offered to cover all the existing industry requirements, for width ranges from 1-4.5m. The company can provide complete lines composed of metallizer, slitter and automatic roll loading stations. Masterslit is a dedicated line of primary film slitters ranging from 4-8m width. Main features of the metallizing lines include a high processing speed of 1,000m/min and an advanced control system that monitors on-line for defects on both the metallizer and the slitter.

From the experience gained on metallizers for electrical capacitors, Galileo has developed the Flexomet process to produce pattern metallized films. It is promoted as a viable alternative to de-metallization to create unmetallized designs, logos or areas on metallized materials. The pattern is generated on-line in a single step during metallization. Hall 3, stand 3-E05.

Designed to provide a total system approach to radiation curing, the e-System electronic UV curing concept will be exhibited by GEW. At the heart of the e-System is the e-Brick power supply. High frequency electrical output increases UV power efficiency by a minimum of 10 per cent, reducing electrical costs and contributing to a cleaner environment, the company claims. Savings in shipping and handling costs, while freeing up valuable floor space, are also promised.

The e-System family comprises UV curing lamps configured for specific tasks. VCP models are designed for narrow web presses (up to 500 mm), the new eCP lamp head is for mid web presses (450-750mm), and the hCP with water cooling is for wide web machines up to 1,500mm. Hall 1, stand 1-U17.

Supplier and installer of used machinery Global Graphic Equipment specializes in film laminators, UV spot surface/coating machines, die cutters and carton gluers, envelope making machines, sheet-fed machines, and paper bag makers. It offers a full turnkey service, from uplift of the machine to delivery, installation, commissioning and operator training. Hall 1, stand 1-W05.

Goebel will have an information stand to promote its latest xtraslit all purpose slitter rewinder for paper, film and foil. This compact machine will handle material widths up to 3.5m with individual rewind stations.

The xtraslit will convert sensitive papers and films such as BOPP, BOPET, CPP, as well as composite materials for the packaging industry. The basic model is equipped for manual positioning of the slitting and winding units. A high efficiency version offers automatic set-up functions. The slitting section is designed for wrap or tangential shear cut, razor or round blade cut or for slitting in the air. Combinations of slitting units are also available. Slitting width adjustment can be made manually or automatically. Unwind diameter is up to 2,000mm, rewind 1,250mm, and top speed 1,200m/min. Hall 2, stand 2-N09

Haehne has added a very small system to its BZH series of a web tension loadcells. This Size 00 monobloc design features a force measurement range of 1-5 kN, ATEX certifification, and a hermetically sealed stainless steel body that meets IP 67. It is said to guarantee reproducible high precision; tenfold overload protection with integrated mechanical stops; and large permissible forces acting at the right angle to the measurement direction. Designed for simple mounting in confined spaces, the unit is suitable for pillow block bearings manufactured by INA, FAG, SKF, and NSK with mounting plates.

Especially suited for fast running webs, these new sensors can be combined with Haehne's strain gauge amplifiers and PID controller to form complete measuring systems.

The new ZAK force sensor is designed for measurement of tension and compression force, as well as web tension and cable tension. Hall 1, stand 1-V17.

The Converting Division of IMS Deltamatic is to introduce the latest version of its AP 190 automatic surface winder suitable for high volume printing and extrusion/coating lines - speeds up to 800m/min with rolls to four tonne, 1,950mm diameter. A new version of the independent centre surface winding station for the RCX-J16 slitter will also make its debut. It is designed for use with the automatic positioning system, which is said to reduce downtime drastically.

The range of foil slitters now includes the twin-shaft model MEC 4; and on special versions of some existing models all hydraulic components have been eliminated to avoid any danger of contamination of the material due to oil leaks. Hall 3, stand 3-C20.

Cost effective coating and laminating of flexible materials for performance applications is the speciality of InteliCoat Technologies. With over 30 years' experience, the company offers versatile coating technology to meet the needs of the medical, optical and digital imaging markets, for projects ranging from large scale processes down to small scale trials. Coating techniques available include slot die, reverse roll, direct gravure and proprietary.

"With shorter product life cycles and rapidly developing technologies, outsourcing coating and converting allows customers to respond rapidly to market changes without significant additional investment in equipment and workforce," the company states.

InteliCoat's cleanroom coating equipment is custom built and modified in-house, enabling "unparalleled levels" of precision and control with solvent, aqueous, UV cured and reactive coating materials. Computer integrated manufacturing performs real-time adjustments, laser inspection, and automatic generation of statistical process control charts which are also used for Six Sigma projects. On-site converting processes available include on-line master roll slitting, printing and sheeting. Hall 3, stand 3-C17.

A first time exhibitor at ICE 2005, Jurmet will display two machines from its range of slitters, label rewinders, winders for plastics films, core cutters, airshafts and bowed shafts. Founded in 1989, the family owned company claims to be Poland's leading supplier of equipment for the flexible packing market. It is situated in a 4,000m2 facility in Lubicz where the complete production process from initial design to finish is carried out. Hall 2, stand 2-L19.

Benefits claimed for Kelva's IP series diaphragm pumps include ease of use, no need for a guarding device, infinitely variable flow control, and low maintenance costs. They are said to have a solid, strong and long life design, and are explosion-proof for use in Ex-zone 1 (ATEX group II, cat 2). As no silicone is used in lubrication, a better end result is claimed in printing applications. Hall 1, stand 1-R12.

Taiwan based Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering claims to be a leading manufacturer of printing and converting machines in Asia. The company builds gearless CI presses for up to 10 colours, also coating and laminating machines, solventless laminators and slitters. It has just appointed an agent for the UK and Ireland. Hall 1, stand 1-X09.

Linde Gas will promote the flexible supply of inert gases for the converting industry. The exhibit will feature suitable hardware, the specific advantages of inert gases when working with 3D-products, and technology for improved quality and economics. Hall 1, stand 1-505.

Lutz makes specialized cutting systems and special purpose blades for cutting film and foil. The company is a certified supplier to companies such as DuPont, Trespaphan, ExxonMobil, B&K, Mitsubishi and BP, as well as machine manufacturers Kampf, SML, Windmöller & Hölscher, Reifenhäuser and Brückner.

Lutz offers a large assortment of technical blades made from steel, tungsten carbides and ceramics. These are available with numerous types of coating, and are made to order according to drawings or samples in the company's tooling department. Hall 3, stand 3-E15.

German gauging and automation specialist Mahlo will display the new Uniscan single sided scanner in combination with an IMF NIR backscatter unit, for either moisture or coatweight measurement. It will also introduce the PaperControl, for fast and accurate control of coaters, and to control the moisture profile of the substrate, in order to save steam and improve on lay-flat properties of laminates. Hall 3, stand 3A-17.

Spanish specialist in aluminium wire drawing and casting Manfisa is to present pure aluminium for metallized films in all diameters and purity grades. This product is suitable for use in flexible packaging, capacitors and labels. Visitors will learn about the company's new large capacity spools suitable for most metallizers. Hall 3, stand 3-C12F.

Visitors to the Werner Mathis stand will see the KTF-S continuous dryer, featuring the new Univision touchscreen programmer and infra red radiation pyrometer. This enables measurement of the surface temperature of the material to be coated. A version is available for hot air treatments up to 450degC.

This compact continuous dryer is designed for stand-alone use or incorporation into a coating range. It can be fitted with an unwinding device, a coating head, laminating devices and an IR pre-dryer. At the dryer exit another laminating device can be added.

The latest Labcoater LTE-SM A combination coating table and drying oven can be used for direct and indirect coating of pastes, acrylates, and dispersions. Coatings can be roller knife, floating knife, rubber blanket knife, Meyer bar, back coatings, coating of both sides, or laminations. The speed is infinitely variable. After the coating/lamination the sample is sent into the hot air oven for heat treatment. Hall 3, stand 3-C12N.

Maveg supplies precision lathe slitters for the manufacture of film rolls. The company co-operates with Bäumer Folientechnik, a specialist in modern winding technology, to provide customers with a one-stop shop. Equipment available includes winders with automatic roll change-over, as well as handling systems for winding shafts and film rolls. Hall 1, stand 1-T 01.

Meech says its Model 986 DC feedback system has been proven for automatically controlling static in many converting applications, including slitting rewinding, laminating and gravure printing. The system will operate under a range of conditions without the need for operator intervention.

The new 976Ex and 915Ex bars are certified by Baseefa to comply with Article 9 of the Council Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) for use in hazardous areas. They are particularly suited to coating, laminating, finishing and gravure applications, where the highest safety standards are mandatory. The Model 915Ex AC system provides the same level of performance as the 915 AC bar, while the Model 976Ex pulsed DC bar provides "highly effective" long range ionization at distances of up to 600mm.

Meech will also be contributing to the ICE Technical Congress with a paper on 'Web Cleaning and Static Control Issues in Self Adhesive Tape Manufacture'. Hall 2, stand 2-N11.

ME.RO will show a new 70kW corona generator for surface treatment on BOPP extrusion lines. The company has developed special electrodes with 20 discharge points, claimed to discharge sufficient power to maintain an absolutely constant air gap on widths up to 10m.

A 20kW power supply for plasma treatment in metallizers will also be displayed. It can be connected to a load operating in high vacuum, and does not use water for cooling the HV transformer. The unit is also said to have a very efficient arc managing system. A PLC with a touchscreen makes it easier to use, and will also interface with the main PLC of the metallizer.

Another exhibit from this company will be a discharge station for high speed treatment of plastics and metallized films on flexo and gravure presses, and laminating machines. ME.RO claims it will guarantee optimum bonding strength on any flexible material at speeds of up to 600m/min. Hall 2, stand 2-L15.

MLT Micro Laser Technology's laser system for microperforation of films is said to extend the shelf life of packaging for fresh produce such as salads and vegetables. The MLP-F system is said to perforate all standard films with "perfectly round" microscale holes at a high level of reproducibility. For any desired width, two, four, eight or more perforation tracks can be applied at speeds of up to 300m/min.

Latest product is the MLS laser scribing system, developed for packaging made of triplex film (PET/AL/PE, for example), in which the tear line is applied crosswise to the web direction over the entire width of the film. It will scribe straight lines, arcs or other free form patterns that can be programmed as required. Available in versions for crosswise or machine direction scribing, as well as combinations, high precision rollers and computerized laser control are said to ensure extremely consistent tear lines at web speeds of up to 600m/min. Hall 3, stand 3-F07.

Advances in water vapour oxygen transmission rate measurement are to be unveiled by Mocon – represented by Paul Lippke in Europe. The Permatran-W Model 700 and Ox-Tran Model 702 systems are used to measure WVTR and OTR on a variety of flexible packaging structures including flat films, laminates, and co-extrusions. Seven different structures can be tested independently and, unlike traditional manually adjusted units, the systems incorporate computerized flow control of all gases.

The Permatran-W and Ox-Tran software incorporates a QuickStart feature which allows an operator to begin testing with only four mouse clicks. Security features to protect critical test set-ups and control multiple user situations are standard. Hall 1, stand 1-V05.

Two drying specialists are exhibiting together at ICE. Operational is experienced in convection drying, as well as equipping and optimization of finishing machines. Lambda Technology develops and produces high powered near infra red dryers. At the show, the companies will promote effective combination of the two drying technologies. They will also exhibit the EBAL program to generate VOC balance. Hall 3, stand 3-D07.

Parkland International is to promote its extended range of slitter rewinders and core cutters. Recent developments have concentrated on reducing machine downtime and improving productivity. The company's auto knife setting, digital knife setting systems and air differential shafts will also feature on the stand. These can be supplied as original equipment or fitted to existing machines, including those manufactured by other companies.

Many of Parkland's customers work in niche markets or produce high quality, speciality products, which requires customized machines that can deliver the performance necessary to work with materials that are often difficult to handle. Starting from a standard range of slitters with a proven performance, it develops machines to meet these specific requirements. Machines are designed and built entirely in-house to maintain maximum control of quality and ensure that they are completed within what are often short lead times. Hall 2, stand 2-P03.

Supplier of adhesive technologies Planatol manufactures both dispersion and hotmelt bases for open coatings, such as heat or cold sealing, or closed, such as laminating, or protected coatings such as the backing of self adhesive labels. Surface or strip coatings is performed both for the company's own products and for external customers.

New is the HMPSA-Coating product segment. Hotmelt adhesives with differing chemical formulas are processed for labels, technical adhesive tapes, and coated fleece materials. Special products of all kinds with self sealing or seal capable coatings are manufactured to order. The products are said to offer a very good affinity to high and low energetic surfaces (from glass or metal through to PP/PE), and are solvent–free and damp resistant. Heat and UV resistance levels have been enhanced considerably, it is claimed.

Coating can be performed with full surface and partial application techniques, or glue-free zones in both longitudinal and cross directions - also packing of rolls and sheets, lining and lamination of all materials.

Subsidiary Biolink manufactures both standard and high performance, 'environmentally friendly' adhesive tapes, and special products on acrylate basis. These are available in both double and single sided format, with carriers or self adhesive. Thermally activated systems are also possible. Hall 3, stand 3-C19.

A new vertical nip feed system (patent pending) said to offer higher coating speeds without compromising quality will be introduced by Polytype Switzerland. Current vertical feeding systems include chamber doctor blade and fountainless systems mounted to one roll. The new nip feed is said to combine these elements into a completely different coating system.

According to Polytype, a speed increase of approximately 50 per cent could be realized for lacquer coating over pan feed methods at the same coating quality. Other advantages cited include the possibility of lower metering roll speeds, a large wetting surface, and low air entrainment with minimal foam creation. The enclosed system is also said to reduce solvent evaporation. It is already used by foil converters in Europe and can be retrofitted into existing coaters. Hall 3, stand 3-B15.

Sample preparation and print/coating system specialist RK Print Coat is to show a 300mm web width VCM Versatile Converting Machine, together with a variety of accompanying interchangeable print/coating heads. Other equipment to be shown includes a UV FlexiProof and a model K 101 Control Coater.

The VCM is a built-to-order print/coating/converting system for specific production or pilot coating applications. Customers can choose from more than 15 different coating/printing heads including, hotmelt, reverse roll, meter bar, extrusion and knife-over-roll coating, flexo and screen printing, and gravure printing/coating. Hall 2, stand 2-Q05.

Rotamac now offers an automatic line to produce and pack rolls of foil, film and paper for institutional or catering use. The company's RTC601 carton erector and RTC602 manipulator are connected to one or more rewinding machines such as the RTC131 series.

Rolls produced on the rewinding machines are transferred to the top loading line and the cartons are formed from corrugated flat blanks on the RTC 601. Automatic two-axis pick and place equipment in the RTC 602 then packs the rolls inside. Finally, the packs containing the rolls are closed and sealed with hotmelt glue or self adhesive labels, and conveyed to the end-of-line machines.

The rolls are supported inside the cartons on both sides to rotate freely and to be unwound easily. The supporting devices are worked out from the carton blanks, so there is no need of additional and expensive separate supports or other devices made from different materials. Hall 1, stand 1-V01.

Saueressig provides a service for the printing industry ranging from repro/prepress to gravure cylinders, flexo sleeves, screen printing formes and embossing rollers. Machines and rollers for surface finishing of paper or similar products are also available, especially for embossing and smoothing. Hall 2, stand 2-N13.

The SIRIS modular surface inspection system from SIS can be easily adapted to a variety of surface inspection tasks, including film and paper. Depending on the application, it can be equipped with telecentric laser scanners, CCD arrays or a combination of both. Multiple scanners and CCD cameras can be ganged together to achieve 100 per cent width coverage.

The system also provides algorithms for the detection of streak and periodic defects that are especially important in production environments with driving rollers. After data evaluation is finished, the system server receives the data from the DSP-boards through a PCI-Bus and prepares it for display on the system's user interface. Many different system configurations allow for dedicated customization. Hall 3, stand 3-A03.

Soma Engineering will launch Venus ll, the latest addition to its Planet range of slitter rewinders. The Venus ll is billed as a robust, high performance servo driven machine for slitting a wide range of films and foils at speeds up to 700m/min. Unwind diameter is 1,500mm, in widths of 1,100, 1,350, 1,600 and 1,850mm. Features include automatic knife positioning and laser core positioning, intuitive touchscreen controls and a new automatic web holding system for ease of splicing.

Also being exhibited is the compact Pluto slitter with integrated rewind unit, available in widths of 1,100, 1,350 and 1,600mm for speeds up to 400m/min. The company will also feature its Bulldog die cutting press, a roll-to-stack, off-line machine for producing aluminium and plastics foils, and laminate lids, in-mould labels, beverage labels, yoghurt cartons and similar applications. Hall 3, stand 3-B11,

Operating from a new factory in Istanbul, Speedmet manufactures high quality aluminium wire for the metallizing industry. Since the last ICE, it has launched Speedgold wire for the production of gold effect metallized films direct from the vacuum chamber. The same (patent pending) technique is also capable of producing other wires with special properties to meet specific requirements.

Wire can be supplied in all the standard diameters and "on the largest and most economical spool size for machines supplied by all the major manufacturers". It is available in grades to suit all applications, including high barrier films, yarn grades and electronic applications. Hall 3, stand 3-C12C.

Supplier of slitter rewinders and Doctor Machines, Stanford will also provide information on its line of finishing equipment for the shrink sleeve market. This includes a slitter, a seamer/welder, an inspection rewinder and a sleeve cutter. Several patent pending processes are claimed to promise shrink sleeve producers substantial productivity and quality gains. Hall 3, stand 3-C12G.

TAPPI is made up of thousands of individuals working in all facets of the pulp, paper, and converting industries. TAPPI's PLACE (Polymers, Laminations, Adhesives, Coatings, Extrusions) Division provides targeted services, technical information and connections to the industry. TAPPI products include extrusion coating and film extrusion courses, the biennial EuroPLACE Conference, the annual PLACE Conference in the USA; technical publications on practical flexible packaging and converting; and the ePLACE bi-weekly electronic newsletter. Hall 2, stand 2-L05.

TS Converting Equipment and Deacro Industries will launch their latest slitter rewinders and core cutters. The Deacro T610 turret winder, and CW1000 on display are both equipped with automatic cut and transfer, tape down, finished reel ejection, core loading, roll weighing, wrapping and palletizing systems. An R30 reversible, high speed, rewinder/salvage machine will be demonstrating its capabilities. All new machines comply with European and CE standards, with support bases in Canada and the UK.

The new Elite Cameron CC100A, semi automatic core cutter will be running on the stand. It is said to provide a very cost effective high performance for cutting board and plastics cores. The manual CC100 unit will also be on display, as well as the latest ancillary products for retrofit to other makes of slitter, such as laser core positioning, automatic knife setting and differential rewind shafts.

In addition there will be information on the full range of Elite Cameron products, which includes two-drum winders, centre surface slitters, and coating and laminating machines. Hall 1, stand 1-T17.

Westland Gummiwerke is a specialist supplier of rubber covered rollers for technical applications. With subsidiary companies, licensees and agencies in more than 50 countries, Westland also offers a roller recovering service for the converting industry. Special compounds are available for damping rollers, laminating rollers, design and ruling rollers, sleeves, and pre-treatment, impression, varnishing, ink application, corona, and stamping rollers. Hall 3, stand 3-F05.

Joint Technical Conference

November 22 13:00 to 18:30

As part of their joint participation in ICE, the European Metallizers Association and Fraunhofer IVV will collaborate to run a technical conference during the afternoon of the first day. The conference (see full programme below) will examine innovations in applications, substrates, coatings and monitoring systems for vacuum coated films, and special product developments. Guest speakers will be drawn from consultancy companies such as PCI Films Consulting, key industry players and representatives from academic bodies. The EMA and Fraunhofer IVV will also be sharing a stand at ICE – Hall 2, stand 2-M01.

Surface Treatment of Polymer Films - Challenges of the Processes and Products of the Future

Future Applications for Flexible Materials: Food Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Decorative and Technical Applications

Simon King, PCI Films Consulting

Technical Trends in the Label Industry: Decorative Layers by Printing and Vacuum Coating Techniques, Functional Elements

Dr M Bergsmann, Hueck Folien

The Future of Flexible Polymeric Devices: Displays, Solar Modules and Low Cost Electronic Devices

Dr J Hauch, Konarka Technologies

Substrate Films, Vacuum Coating and Monitoring

Polyester (PET, PEN) Films for Present and Future Applications: Food Packaging, Displays, Solar Modules

Richard Davis, Mitsubishi PET Film

Developments in Vacuum Coating Techniques on Flexible Web: Barrier Coatings, Conductive and Active Layers

Gerhard Steiniger, Applied Films

From Real-time to In-line Optical Monitoring of Polymeric Substrates and the Deposition of Transparent Barrier Layers

Prof S Logothetidis, University of Thessaloniki

Barrier Mechanisms of Vacuum Coated Polymers: Where are the Limits for Downgauging of Substrates and for Barrier Properties of Coated Films?

Prof H-C Langowski, Fraunhofer IVV

Innovations in Transparent Barrier Systems: A Converter's View

W Lohwasser, Alcan Packaging

Special Product Developments

Vacuum coating of polymer films for display applications

Dr N Schiller, Fraunhofer FEP

Coating Techniques for Active Packaging: Oxygen Absorbers, Indicators, Antimicrobial Films

Th Wanner, Fraunhofer IVV

Registration forms and full details of the conference programme can be viewed on the EMA website at or the Fraunhofer Institute's website


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Bimec to show latest slitter Bimec to show latest slitter
Brückner CPP jumbo roll winder Brückner CPP jumbo roll winder
IMS introducing winder IMS introducing winder
Maveg slitting system Maveg slitting system
MLS laser for microperforation MLS laser for microperforation
Plantol provides adhesive strip coating Plantol provides adhesive strip coating
Operational offers drying expertise Operational offers drying expertise
Parkland auto knife setting system Parkland auto knife setting system
Soma slitter launch Soma slitter launch
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Deacro on the TS stand Deacro on the TS stand
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